Elevating Industry with Robust Electromechanical Components
Lovosis Technology Drives the Middle East Forward with State-of-the-Art Electromechanical Components.
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Durable and Innovative Building Materials for Infrastructure
Laying Strong and Resilient Foundations for the Future with Our Commitment to Excellence in Providing Robust Building Materials and Innovative Construction Solutions.
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Revolutionizing the Middle East with Advanced Sensor Technology.
Crafting tomorrow's world with today's advanced sensor solutions At Lovosis.
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Automation and Software Synergy Driving Industrial Excellence
Blending Advanced Automation with Custom Software to Shape the Future of Industrial Progress.
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About Us

Leading Electronic Components Supplier in Dubai UAE

Lovosis Technology, based in Dubai, UAE, is a premier provider of a wide range of electronic components for diverse applications in various industries. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of components, including switches, sensors, resistors, magnets, devices, connectors, enclosures, capacitors, and semiconductors.


We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality parts to fulfill the varied requirements of our clients, ensuring fast and reliable service for every order.

We Supply

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Electronic Supplier in UAE

With two decades of experience, Lovosis Technology stands as a trusted partner in electronic component supply for esteemed entities within Dubai’s hotel, shipping, and manufacturing sectors.

Best After Sales Services

extends unparalleled after-service support, ensuring our clients in the hotel, shipping, and manufacturing industries experience seamless operation and optimal performance of their electronic components.

Custom Electronic Solutions Provider

Your premier provider in Dubai, specializing in custom electronic solutions for the hotel, shipping, and manufacturing sectors, driving innovation and efficiency.

UAE And Beyond

Expert Assistance

We offer unparalleled expert assistance, in Purchasing, Installation and maintenance For Our Clients for Free. Call us Today

Our Brands


If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

Global Reach and Excellence in Lovosis

Lovosis has grown over the years, expanding its product range, services, and global influence. Today, our robust network of partner production facilities is well-equipped to offer reliable and efficient support to all our clients.